Harvest of Hope Registration – Group and Members

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1. Sign Up
Sign Up Button DemoClick on the Sign Up button in the form below. Pick a simple username and password.
Fill in your information.
Your Group is pre-set as “Registrants.”

You can immediately go to Step 2 …

2. Sign In
Sign Up Button DemoUse the Username and Password you just created to sign in.

3. Submit your group information
Click on GROUPS.
Click on Add New, fill out the form all the way to the bottom. Click on Save New.

4. Add all members of your group
Click on MEMBERS on the top right of the form. Click on Add New.
Fill out the form. Click on Save New.
Back takes you back to the list – then click on Add New for another member.

Repeat until all are listed, then Sign Out.

5. Submit your deposit
The deposit is $25 per participant. Under Giving Categories on the form, choose “Harvest of Hope.”

6. Go to Secure Payment