Harvest of Hope

at Camp Piankatank in Christchurch Virginia

Camp Description:
Camp Piankatank Summer Camp and Retreat center seeks to be a place where children, youth, and adults can enjoy God’s creation along the Piankatank River in a Christian retreat environment that encourages physical, spiritual, social, and emotional growth. The camp is owned by the Baptist General Association of Virginia. Throughout the year, Camp Piankatank is available for many different kinds of retreats, and hosts events for all non-profit groups, not just Baptist groups. During the summer, Camp Piankatank becomes what it was meant to be from the beginning, a summer camp. For many years, Camp Piankatank was operated as just a summer camp. This is our passion; this is why Camp Piankatank exists, and this is why so many people love this place.

Facility Website: CampPiankatank.com

Produce to be Gleaned: TBD

Camp Contact Information:
1586 Stampers Bay Rd.
Hartfield, VA 23071


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