Harvest of Hope

at Camp J. D. Tygart in Ray City, Georgia

Camp Description:
Camp Tygart is a non-profit organization supported and operated by the United Methodist Church. The facilities include six cabins that house 20 persons each, a 900-seat capacity open-air tabernacle, a 200-seat capacity dining room, an 80-seat capacity dining room, a newly renovated swimming pool and bathhouse, two chapels, two guest houses (a 3-BR and a 2-BR),  a huge softball/soccer/volleyball field, and much more. The Pipkin Conference Center has been in operation since July 2002. Seating capacity in the Pipkin Center is roughly 400 (arranged eight per round table.) Our newest facility is the Pool Pavilion and is an ideal place to hold smaller gatherings under a sheltered picnic area with an adjacent playground and restroom facilities.

Facility website: http://camptygart.com

Produce to be gleaned: TBD

Camp Contact Information:
436 Woody Jackson Circle
Ray City, GA 31645


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