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SoSA West

Regional Director:

 Lisa Ousley

Program Coordinator:

 Karin Page

PO Box 300323
Kansas City, MO



FAX: 816-921-0320


SoSA West 2013 Video

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With thanks to Alan McClure, Blue Water Consulting and Bentley Ousley, Pragmatic Consulting.

June 2, 2013 - Karin - Karin Page, SoSA West Program Coordinator, appears on radio station WCCO in Minneapolis, with host Roshini Rajkumar. Runs 11:50.

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Serving Kansas, Missouri, and all states west of the Mississippi

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The Society of St. Andrew Western Regional Office is in Kansas City, Missouri. We're a faith-based, hunger-relief, nonprofit dedicated to fighting hunger with fresh produce in states west of the Mississippi River. Our mission is simple: we get produce that might be wasted to people who might otherwise go hungry.


Since our doors opened in May 2008, we've been developing partners in our fight against hunger.


We partner with farmers, growers, and other produce handlers to get graded-out and excess produce.


We partner with churches, civic organizations, and corporations to engage teams of volunteers in gleaning; to gather fresh fruits and vegetables left behind in fields and orchards after harvest.


We partner with food banks and feeding agencies across the west to get this healthy, nutritious food to people in need. And we partner with churches, individuals, foundations, corporations, and other organizations to support our work financially.


Hunger is on the rise in our country. According to the USDA, more than 40 million Americans face food insecurity each year, meaning that there are times these people may not know where or when they will eat their next meal.



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