Volunteer Registration and Waiver Form

The form on this page allows you register as a volunteer with SoSA. To check on events and times, contact the coordinator in your state.

To Send a Note or Request Information:

If you don’t want to register at this time, but want to send a note or request info from someone in your area, go to the Info Request page.



We ask what county you live in to help us send specific, helpful information. To find what county you live in, use this page.

Note: In Virginia only, towns are inside counties, but cities are not. Please enter the county you are most closely associated with.

To attend SoSA events, volunteers need to read the Volunteer Waiver and fill out the form below.

Click HERE to read the Volunteer Waiver. For a PDF print version of this waiver, click hereA parent or guardian must fill out the form for anyone under the age of 18 and put the child’s name in the additional family members box.

Click HERE to read the Volunteer Waiver