Alternative (Gift) Christmas Card for 2017

Text Inside: *
Christ, eternal Sun of Justice,
Christ, the rose of wisdom’s seed,
Come to bless with fire and fragrance
hours of yearning, hurt, and need.
In the lonely, in the stranger,
in the outcast, hid from view:
Child who comes to grace the manger,
teach our hearts to welcome you.

Honor Your Family and Friends While Feeding the Hungry
While you and your family celebrate the joyous Christmas season, many Americans will experience the reality of hunger and poverty. America is still the richest nation on earth, but more than 40 million of its citizens suffer in poverty. This Christmas you can give them hope by the simple act of honoring your loved ones with a gift donation to feed the hungry.

The Gift
Each $15 (minimum) gift donation to the Society of St. Andrew provides about 500 servings of fresh, nutritious food to America’s hungry families. It’s a sincere and loving way to feed the hungry and honor special people in your life. When you do, each person you honor will receive our exclusive Alternative Christmas Card announcing your generous gift in their name.

* The text inside the card is excerpted from “Now the Heavens Start to Whisper” by Mary Louise Bringle © 2006, GIA Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

The Card
Our Alternative Christmas Card was designed exclusively for, and donated to, the Society of St. Andrew by Texas artist Jerry Malzahn. The full-color, 7″x5″ card features original art on the front. This card announces your generous gift to feed the hungry in the name of your chosen honoree(s). You will also receive the same card with our thanks and confirmation of the number of people you honored. * The text inside the card is excerpted from “Now the Heavens Start to Whisper” by Mary Louise Bringle © 2006, GIA Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

No other gift can do so much, for so many, with so little.
Just go to our order page. We’ll send you the cards and envelopes to personalize and mail or, if you prefer, we will send them on your behalf in time for Christmas. For your convenience, you can use your VISA, MasterCard, or American Express on our secure website.

The minimum gift donation for EACH card is just $15
All gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law.
As we fulfill God’s command to share His love and peace and feed the hungry, may you experience the joy of sharing His abundance with those in need and be blessed with God’s peace.

Jerry Malzahn

Jerry Malzahn

The Artist
Jerry Malzahn earned a B.A. from the University of North Texas. He has received awards and honors for his art, including selection to paint a Christmas ornament for the White House Christmas tree. His work has been on display in public and private collections in New York, Maryland, and Texas. He founded Malzahn Landscape Company where he serves as president. Jerry and his wife, Lyla, live in Coppell, Texas. They have a daughter who serves in the United States Air Force.

Jerry Malzahn, Balcony House Galleries, Dallas TX

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