Food Waste Audit

Join the mission to prevent waste with a Food Waste AuditMake a difference with a Food Waste Audit.

With this guide, you can be an agent of change right where you are; conduct a Food Waste Audit to demonstrate how much food is wasted in your community; and get started to reduce or prevent it altogether!

See the difference you can make right away.

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Reduce Food Waste & Make a Difference.
Help your group understand the impact of food waste with a Food Waste Audit and SoSA’s free resources. Monitor the difference you make with before-and-after audits to measure the success of your efforts.

Measure your impact on food waste.
With Food Waste Audit, you now have the power to measure how much of an impact you’re making on food waste. Use our free resources to educate your group and assess how much food was wasted at a single meal. Then do it again – and see if the education made a difference.

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Invite SoSA staff to speak at your next event.Teach the importance of reducing waste.
With a Food Waste Audit, you can help educate your friends and family on the importance of reducing food waste. Dig into the problem to raise awareness, conduct the audit with your group to show how much food is wasted in a single meal, and use SoSA’s free resources to illustrate the extent of the problem. Show your friends and family how small changes can make big differences!

See the difference education can make.
With SoSA’s Food Waste Audit, you can see firsthand how effective education and awareness-raising can be in reducing food waste. Conduct an audit to see how much food was wasted at one meal, then provide resources for education and conduct the audit again to measure the difference. Make a positive impact today!

Make a difference today. Join the fight against food waste.

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