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SoSA Annual Christmas Card Fundraiser to End hungerWrite your own cards or let your friends at SoSA handwrite them for you.

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Honor Your Family and Friends While Sharing Good Food with Families in Need
While you and your family celebrate the joyous Christmas season, many Americans will experience the reality of hunger and poverty. America is one of the wealthiest nations on earth, but still more than 40 million of its citizens suffer in poverty. 

With this Christmas Card, you can give those families in need of a little hope and good food! You can also honor your loved ones when you donate to SoSA.

The Inside Text Reads:
Come, then, let us hasten yonder;
Here let all, great and small,
kneel in awe and wonder.
Love Him who with love is yearning;
Hail the star that from far bright
with hope is burning.

This year’s text comes from a 17th-century German poem by Paul Gerhardt, “All My Heart This Night Rejoices.”. (It was translated into English two centuries later by Catherine Winkworth.)

The Impact
Every $15.00 donation you give sends an Alternative Christmas Card to one recipient and shares more than 600 servings of nourishing food with neighbors in need. It’s a sincere and loving way to share good food with families in great need and to honor the special people in your life. When you do, each person you honor will receive an exclusive Alternative Christmas Card announcing your generous gift in their name.

The Card
This Alternative Christmas Card, The Gift, was designed exclusively for and donated to The Society of St. Andrew by Virginian artist James Harris. The full-color, vertically oriented, 5×7″ card features original art on the front; announces your generous gift to feed hungry people in the name of your chosen honoree(s); and sends you an identical card that includes SoSA’s gratitude and a confirmation of the number of people you honored.

The Artist
Jim Harris, an artist and pastor from Staunton, Virginia, shares his faith-filled talent with the Society of St. Andrew, through a series of paintings that began being featured on SoSA’s Alternative Christmas Cards, beginning in 2018. 

Jim combines a love for biblical narrative, for color, texture, and mystery into his work, delighting the eye and nourishing the soul. More of Jim’s work can be seen at:

Would you like to add something new to your Christmas Card order this year? Check out the Alternative Christmas 11” x 14” prints here.

These large prints feature 8” x 10” artwork and your gift will provide 1,500 servings of food for families in need this Christmas season.

The Artist’s Inspiration

The young boy across from me at our church’s food pantry table seemed hesitant to take any of the bread spread before him. When I offered him a loaf of French bread and he clutched it to his chest.

At that moment I saw the bread as a little lamb and the child as a young shepherd boy bringing his precious lamb to give to baby Jesus. The great majority of our food pantry patrons are very careful to take only what they need, being concerned for the needs of others, even when we tell them to take all they want.

The power of giving for the sake of others is that it blesses us as much as it does them. It would not be easy to give away your favorite lamb, but look at his face, glowing with the joy of giving. This is the joy I feel in sharing my God-given gift to help End Hunger.

This is why we give to The Society of St. Andrew. There is a need, and we can help. When we truly care about the needs of others, we naturally share what we can to help them, no matter who they are or why they are in need.

I am extremely grateful to The Society of St. Andrew for allowing me to give my art to this great cause. Bless you, for caring about hungry people and sharing this card with others so they too can care and share. Merry Christmas!” -Artist, Jim Harris

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No other gift can do so much, for so many, with so little.
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As we fulfill God’s command to share His love and peace and feed hungry people, may you experience the joy of sharing His abundance with those in need and be blessed with God’s peace.

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The minimum gift donation for EACH card is $15
All gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Please note that the deadline to order is always the first Friday in December (December 2, 2022)

(This allows enough time to write and mail your cards during a busy time of year for postal deliveries.)