September is Hunger Action Month

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Hunger Action Month is a 30-day event, each year, where people just like you, join together in the mission to end hunger. It’s typically held in September and is fast growing as a national event.

Some people participate by following the Hunger Action Month Calendar, others volunteer to serve at some point in September to be a hands-on part of the mission to end hunger, and others host an event during the month to raise awareness of the problem and the mission.

How will you choose to participate in Hunger Action Month?

The mission to end hunger is critical. More than 40 million people in the United States today are hungry or food insecure. And yet, in this country, we will throw away over 133 billion pounds of good food this year. As a people of faith, it is time for us to take action—to say that this situation is unacceptable and we will do something about it.

Plan now to make September a time for your congregation to stand together against hunger, joining with the Society of St. Andrew to see that each person in this country has healthy, nourishing food to eat.

We want to help you make a difference in your local community and have several resources available for you to use at no cost. (Please feel free to make copies of any materials you download.)

We would be delighted to come share about the mission to end hunger and some ways your congregation can be involved and make a difference in the local community. Call or email today to schedule a visit or Skype conversation with a Society of St. Andrew staffer during National Hunger Action Month or you can request a speaker for your event from our online request page.

Let’s work together to end hunger!


Free Resources: PDFs, Word Docs, and Website Links

Abundance Orchard VBS ProgramThis two-part series provides an in-depth curriculum for two complete years of VBS Materials. Start with Part 1 and walk your students through Old Testament scriptures exploring God's miraculous provision and abundance for His people. Then follow up with Part 2 and focus on New Testament scriptures illustrating Jesus' use of meals to gather those most in need of His love. Website
Concluding Litany and Prayer of DedicationThis item provides a short responsive reading to encourage and engage your congregation in loving their neighbors through feeding them. (A closing prayer is also included.) Available as PDF or Word document. PDF
Economic Drivers of Food Loss at the Farm and Pre-Retail Sectors: A Look at the Produce Supply Chain in the United StatesUSDA estimates consumer food waste at about $161.6 billion annually, or about $500 per person per year. This report casts light on waste in the produce industry ... one-third of total food waste by weight. The report says consumers account for 42 percent of produce waste; retail distribution, 18 percent; processing and packaging, 3 percent; post-harvest, 6 percent; and agricultural production, 30 percent. The study enumerates several causes of food waste in the production and distribution sectors. PDF
Gleanings Bible StudyThis 10-part Bible study is appropriate for youth and adults. It contains five Old Testament and five New Testament lessons, broadly focusing on hospitality, welcome, and hunger in the Bible. Each lesson contains a Scripture reading, Bible background material, and questions for personal reflection or group discussion. PDF
Harvest of Hope Mission Retreat ProgramHarvest of Hope is an ecumenical study, worship, and mission retreat program. It's the perfect chance to get your hands dirty serving in a local mission to help families struggling with hunger! Participants will glean, learn about hunger, worship, and make a commitment to take what they've learned back to help their local communities. Website
Hunger Action Month CalendarThe Daily Calendar for Prayer and Action includes a scripture reading and related activity for each day of September. Using this calendar, your congregants will take direct action against hunger and give money that, through the Society of St. Andrew, will be used to put nourishing fruits and vegetables on the tables of our hungry brothers and sisters right here in the U.S. Available as PDF. PDF
Sermons for ChildrenThis document provides you with 2 detailed sermons for children that include: recommended scriptures, prop suggestions, hunger facts, commentary, and prayers. Available as PDF or Word document. PDF
Weekly Newsletter / Bulletin AnnouncementsThese weekly announcements will help you engage your congregation throughout the month of September by encouraging their participation and helping them locate the free resources available to them. Available as PDF or Word document. PDF

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