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A Hunger-Focused Bible Study in 10 Lessons for Young People and Adults
Gleanings Bible Study

If you’re looking for a discussion-style Bible study that emphasizes faithful reflection and living around the topic of hunger, then Gleanings is for you!

This new resource from the Society of St. Andrew contains five Old Testament and five New Testament lessons, broadly focusing on hospitality, welcome, and hunger in the Bible. Each lesson contains a Scripture reading, Bible background material, and questions for personal reflection or group discussion.

Use the whole booklet across one quarter of the year for your Sunday School class, small group, or house church. Or simply pull one lesson to use each month at the beginning of a board or committee meeting, to help people focus their hearts on their role in the congregation’s mission and outreach.

The lessons parallel the Society of St. Andrew’s Abundance Orchard Vacation Bible School curriculum, Years 1 and 2, so Gleanings can also be used as a youth or adult component of a congregation-wide VBS or all-church retreat experience.

Each lesson also includes a mission photo and story that describes some of the gleaning and feeding ministry the Society of St. Andrew undertakes with the help of congregations like yours. These mission stories can easily be adapted for a congregational Minute for Mission in worship. You can even download photos here to use for on-screen display during worship:

Mission Photos to accompany Old Testament Lessons

Mission Photos to accompany New Testament Lessons

Download the e-reader version of Gleanings to preview the study or to use as a personal devotional and study resource. If you’d like to order print copies to use with your class or group, use the form on this page to place that order. Please help us be good stewards of our resources by ordering only the number of print copies you’re sure you will need.

The Fast That I Choose

A Bible Study on Hunger: 6-12 One-hour Sessions For Older Youth and Adults

The Society of St. Andrew is pleased to offer a study that explores what the Bible says about hunger. By examining the issue of hunger from a biblical perspective, the study seeks to make clear that one of the surest ways to test the quality of our walk with God is to examine the way we respond to the needs of others. Throughout the study, preconceived ideas about hunger and poverty are challenged as participants encounter God’s preference for the poor as revealed in scripture. Finally, the challenges participants to respond out of their faith in Jesus concrete ways to the reality of hunger in our world.

The Fast That I Choose takes its title from Isaiah 58:6. The words of the prophet remind us that God wants worship from the heart which has as its end the increase of God’s justice in the world.

The study is presented in six units, with each unit having two lessons. The lesson guides are designed to afford the study leader flexibility in how long each lesson will take. Each is designed to take about an hour, which will make the complete study a 12-session course. However, if desired, more than a single hour might be spent on the lessons.

The study begins with the claim that hunger is a God issue and progresses through the causes and consequences of hunger in the world, nation, and community. Throughout the course, participants are challenged to change their attitudes and encouraged to take action as faithful followers of Jesus. The course ends with the recognition that hunger is an issue each Christian must address individually.

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