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Every day, 40 million people in this country struggle with access to enough good food to live a healthy lifestyle. And at the same time, 40% of all the food grown on U.S. farms ends up lost as waste for a variety of reasons.

By volunteering with SoSA, you can serve in the twofold mission to prevent food waste and end hunger. Every 1lb. of food rescued provides 4 servings of fresh food for a family who needs it most.

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Each year, in the mission to end hunger, thousands of individuals and groups selflessly give their time and talents to rescue food and share it with families in need. It simply wouldn’t be possible without you and so many SoSA volunteers. 

SoSA welcomes volunteers of all abilities.
Whether you’re interested in unique ways to serve your neighbors or have some physical limitations that prevent you from safely harvesting food in farm fields, there’s a spot for you on the SoSA volunteer team!
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Find what you were looking for?

If not, can we help? Send a message to the National Volunteer Coordinator at: volunteer@endhunger.org. Our goal is to connect back with you within 24-48 hours.

No matter your background, location, or motivation, you have a time or talent that can make a difference where you work and live. No matter where you are in the country or where you are in life, there’s a story waiting to be written.

That story is what you will feel, learn, & accomplish while volunteering. 

Are you interested in preserving the environment and impacting climate change? Wonderful! Serve with SoSA. Or maybe you’re interested in seeing all families have equal access to farm-fresh food? Also, great! Serve with SoSA.

Every volunteer’s service matters, and your neighbors need you to volunteer for the upcoming season!

Interested in volunteering with a group?

If you’re part of a larger group or organization, we have specialized opportunities for you to get the most out of your experience, serving your neighbors in their time of need.

Youth groups, school groups, intergenerational groups, and families are encouraged to check out SoSA’s Harvest of Hope program.

This all-in-one, immersive, overnight experience combines service-learning and local missions work into one incredible weekend! 

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If you’re more interested in corporate events, team-building exercises, and volunteering through your company’s corporate social responsibility program, you should check out Team Glean.

This program allows you to request private events for your coworkers and/or employees to participate in team-building exercises while giving back to the local community.

This is a great fit if you’re interested in making a difference in the community and neighborhoods surrounding your local stores!

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