Volunteer Roles

Volunteer GroupYou can make a difference.

There are so many opportunities for you to serve in the mission to end hunger, right in your local community.

Below, we’ve listed a few of the major roles for volunteers to help feed people struggling with hunger. If you’ve been considering getting involved in the mission to end food waste, end hunger, or help people in your local community, then keep reading.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Choose your state below to sign up as a volunteer today.

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2. Sign up for the “monthly news and stats” to receive a monthly story about the mission in action. It often highlights volunteers just like you. You can sign up at endhunger.org/signup


3. Check out the short list of volunteer roles below to see how you can easily get started in the mission to end hunger. (And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, message us at: volunteer@endhunger.org.)


GleanersGleaners are utilized primarily in the field. They are the most active “hands and feet” of the mission. They enjoy being outdoors, don’t mind working on farms, and are most interested in volunteering mornings before lunch. They want to volunteer to end hunger and are willing to sweat a little to do it.

They are comfortable bending, stooping, and occasionally lifting 10-20 pounds. Gleaning events usually last 3-4 hours and can occur on weekends and/or weekdays. Sign up online now.


WriterWriters are primarily active indoors. They enjoy expressing encouragement, gratitude, and emotions through writing letters, thank-you cards, and other items. They have neat-ish handwriting and enjoy communicating through writing. They also enjoy volunteering on a flexible schedule during the week. Sign up online now.


DriverDrivers have access to vehicles that can transport larger quantities of food. This includes pickup trucks, a truck and trailer, box trucks, or even larger 26’ or 53’ trucks. They want to help the mission doing what they do best: driving. Typically, drivers transport food from its origin at the farm/warehouse to the volunteers or distribution site. Sign up online now.


SupplierSuppliers are more frequently active “around town” rather than in farm fields. They seek out supplies and tools necessary to support the gleaning events. This includes sourcing gloves, buckets, boxes, plastic wrap, tools, etc. for upcoming gleaning events. These supplies are often donated by vendors and gleaned from places where they aren’t being used. For example, many Asian restaurants buy Soy Sauce in 5-gallon buckets. “Gleaning” buckets from these restaurants can be a fruitful labor. Sign up online now.


FundraiserFundraisers are comfortable explaining how donors can impact the mission through their dollars. They are familiar with public speaking and aren’t afraid to meet a new face. Fundraisers are interested in using our tools and supplies to help feed the hungry by recruiting partners to make financial donations. Sign up online now.

Admin Support

Admin Support are interested in volunteering at set times each day/week/month. They prefer to volunteer indoors, usually within the SoSA regional office. They prefer opportunities like data-entry, clerical-type work, and a flexible schedule. Being outdoors is not very important to these volunteers. Sign up online now.


TeacherTeachers have a specific set of skills that can help hunger relief agencies and the families who receive the food. They are most interested in volunteering in a way that shares their skill sets with others. These types of volunteers often include nutritionists, financial consultants, chefs, and legal aid. Sign up online now.


SpeakerSpeakers are confident and comfortable speaking in public settings. They are willing to learn the ins and outs of the mission to end hunger and are eager to share that knowledge with others. These people are most interested in volunteering on Sunday mornings, evenings, or Wednesdays to share the mission of SoSA with churches and civic organizations. Sign up online now.

Field Supervisor

Field SupervisorField Supervisors are roles best suited for gleaners who have had at least a year’s worth of experience gleaning. They are prompt and reliable. They are comfortable leading volunteers, helping plan events, building relationships with farmers and recipients, and aren’t afraid of a little paperwork. Sign up online now.

Crop Drop Host

Crop Drop HostCrop Drop Hosts are organized and strong leaders. They want to implement a large-scale project and are up to the task. They are capable of taking our expertise and support and coordinating an entire crop drop or truckload event. They are not afraid of paperwork and can keep many partners organized for support. Sign up online now.


Other Volunteer JobsThere are more ways to get involved in supporting the mission while still serving as a volunteer. If you have a unique skill or talent not listed above, please let us know how you would like to help and make a difference in the mission!

If you want to volunteer but didn’t see an opportunity that quite suits your interests or capabilities, please let us know! There are additional opportunities that wouldn’t quite fit above but can help make a difference like sewing, bag tying, social media, videography and more. Sign up online now.

In States Without a Regional Office

If there is a regional office of the Society of St. Andrew in your state, volunteering is easy, just give us a call. If there isn’t yet a regional office in your state, don’t worry! There’s still ways you can be a part of the mission to end hunger.

  1. Farmer’s Market Gleaning
  2. Hunger Action Month
  3. Crop Drop Host
  4. Just Ask Hunger Screener
  5. HRA
  6. Fundraiser
  7. Food Waste Audit
  8. Souper Bowl
  9. Alternative Christmas Cards
  10. Writer

We would love to chat with you about these opportunities. Don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can find out how best to get you plugged into the mission to end food waste and end hunger. Sign up online now.