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Many of SoSA’s quarterly newsletters are archived here. Download any of these as PDFs.

Newsletter Issue

PDF Summer 2018
◊ How to Feed Hungry People Every Day (Tennessee)
◊ Marian Kelly to Retire After 39 Years with SoSA (Executive Director’s Report)
◊ A Legacy of Caring: Ethel Halsey’s Quiet Generosity (Donor)

PDF Spring 2018
◊ My Delicious Mississippi Life (Mississippi)
◊ Gleaning for the Cycle (Florida)
◊ Tailored Solutions (Executive Director’s Report)

PDF Winter 2018
◊ Zoroastrian Potato Drop (Illinois)
◊ New Gleaning Office (Indiana)
◊ Just-in-Time Food Delivery (Executive Director’s Report)

PDF Autumn 2017
◊ SoSA Crop Drop Becomes a Community Day (Mississippi)
◊ Kelley Patient Chose to Do Good (Tennessee)
◊ The Ripple Effect (Executive Director’s Report)

PDF Summer 2017
◊ Rev. Willie Petty: An Example in Volunteering (Mississippi)
◊ United Methodist Men Feed Hungry Pennsylvanians (Pennsylvania)

PDF Spring 2017
◊ Saddle Up – Let’s Ride (Nebraska)
◊ Andrew Benjamin is Relentless (Minnesota)
◊ Let the Sweet Potatoes Roll! (Mississippi)

PDF Winter 2017
◊ Yam Jam: The Blessing After the Storm (North Carolina)
◊ Giving Thanks and Gathering Turnips (Virginia)

PDF Autumn 2016
◊ Feeding People: A Fitting Tribute to Mike Waldmann
◊ SoSA at Farm Aid 2016

PDF Summer 2016
◊ Kenzie Didn’t Wait to Make a Difference (Mackenzie Hinson, North Carolina)
◊ Harvest of Hope Inspired Sarah Pope to Feed the Hungry (North Carolina)
◊ Not Waste: More Like Awesome

PDF Spring 2016
◊ Mike Smith Makes a Difference with SoSA and United Methodist Men (Tennessee)
◊ New Study: 20 Billion Pounds of Food Left in the Fields
◊ Andy Lemmon Gets to Work (Mississippi)

PDF Winter 2016
◊ SoSA Delivers Food to Refugees (by Jean Blish Siers, North Carolina)
◊ Food Takes a Bite Out of Crime (by Michael Binger, North Carolina)
◊ Apples to DC: Faithful Partnership with Brother Leotha Woodson (Virginia)
◊ Jackie Usey, 1965-2015 (Mississippi)

PDF Autumn 2015
◊ Duke Students: Fastest Potato Baggers Ever
◊ For Annie, Feeding Seniors is the Best (Annie Bates, North Carolina)

PDF Summer 2015
◊ She Could’ve Been My Grandmother (by Barbara Sayles, Florida)
◊ Long and Scott Farms Help SoSA Feed the Hungry (Florida)
◊ Do You Know Our Seed Potato Project?

PDF Spring 2015
◊ The Adventures of Logan – You Can Be a Superhero, Too (Logan Todd, Alabama)
◊ A Talent for Feeding the Hungry (Tennessee)
◊ Missing Art Shoemaker (Georgia)

PDF Winter 2015
◊ The Power of One (Dr. Lesley Huffaker, California)
◊ A Day in the Field (Jason Brown, North Carolina)
◊ SoSA Gleaner Featured in New Documentary (Gloria Henderson, North Carolina)
◊ #GivingTuesday Helps SoSA Feed 6 Million People

PDF Summer 2014
◊ A Lifetime of Giving (Martha Ann Miller, Virginia)
◊ The U. S. Food Waste Challenge
◊ 3rd Annual Virginia Commonwealth Day of Gleaning (Virginia)
◊ New Ecumenical Partnership (Christian Church, Disciples of Christ)
◊ Partners in Meeting Spiritual Hungers

PDF Spring 2014
◊ These Shoes Stepped Out for Hunger (Betty Heishman, Virginia)
◊ Sharing the Mission to End Hunger – Across the Globe (Florida)
◊ And a Child Shall Lead Them (Alvin Fox)
◊ Making a Big Impact in North Carolina (Yam Jam)
◊ It All Started with One Truckload of Potatoes (Destin, Florida)

PDF Winter 2014
◊ All this College Kid Thinks About is Food (Ryan Lloyd, Alabama)
◊ Hunger in the ‘Ham: Ever Been to a Crop Drop? (by Sharron Mendel Swain, Alabama)

PDF Winter 2012
◊ Society of St. Andrew Gets Recognized (First Lady’s Initiative Team Effort) (Virginia)
◊ Stories from Around the States

PDF Autumn 2011
◊ Saying Goodbye to a Very Dear Friend, Anna Trout McCabe (Virginia)
◊ New Artist for Christmas Card (Jerry Malzahn, Texas)
◊ Stories from Around the States

PDF Spring 2011
◊ Hunger Ministry Weekend: Change the World
◊ Stories from Around the States

PDF Autumn 2010
◊ SoSA Expands to Save More Food (Tennessee Office Opens)
◊ Stories from Around the States

PDF Winter 2010
◊ Staying Focused, Saving Food
◊ SoSA is a Top-rated Food and Shelter Nonprofit
◊ Stories from Around the States

PDF Autumn 2008
◊ Become a Covenant Church
◊ Potato Project – it’s not just potatoes
◊ New North Carolina Regional Director, Kristy Bradley (North Carolina)

PDF Winter 2008
◊ A “Shift” at the Top (Ken Horne to Retire)
◊ A Life Well Lived … Bill Schminkey Will Be Missed (Virginia)
◊ Stories from Around the States
◊ Meet Janet Sheldon (South Georgia Program Coordinator)

PDF Summer 2006
◊ Grant from St. Marys Foundation to Start a Georgia Regional Office (Georgia)
◊ Lincolonia UMC, an 80% Immigrant and Refugee Church, Holds a Potato Drop (Virginia)
◊ New Staff: India Watkins and Bill Dimon