Gleaning in Mississippi & Arkansas

The Society of St. Andrew has delivered more than 21 million pounds of salvaged potatoes and other food to the needy in Mississippi and Arkansas through our Potato and Produce Project. This has resulted in almost 62 million servings of food going to hungry families in Mississippi and Arkansas.

The Society of St. Andrew operates a volunteer-driven Gleaning Network that includes volunteers who save fresh produce every year and use it to feed hungry people all across the two states.

In 2016, Program Coordinator Andy Lemmon appeared on the Mission: Nutrition radio program. The show, hosted by Rebecca Turner on SuperTalk Mississippi, focuses on food, health, and nutrition. Andy explains the work of Society of St. Andrew. Runs 24:44.

Through the Mississippi Gleaning Network, we coordinate volunteers in many areas of the states who actually enter fields after farmers have finished harvesting and simply pick up the tons of good produce left behind. Our volunteers represent groups from various church denominations, synagogues, youth groups, other civic organizations, individuals, and inner city residents.

Mississippi & Arkansas Gleaning

Please contact us to indicate your interest in gleaning. When we have opportunities within 30-45 minutes of your location, we will email you with details and invite you to join us in the fields.

Most gleaning events take place on weekends where gleaners arrive in the fields around 8am. and are on their way home by noon. Society of St. Andrew makes all arrangements with farmers, produce containers and food distribution. All that volunteer gleaners need to do is show up. Volunteer groups are encouraged to take food back to agencies or programs that they support in their local area.

People of all ages can glean. Gleaners should be able to bend over and should be able to bend and lift several pounds of produce.

It is important that the contact person be reachable by phone during day-time hours.

Most of our gleanings are in the morning and last three to four hours. Gleanings are scheduled week days and on Saturdays.

If you have questions about when local crops are available, we would be happy to help.

For information about gleaning in Mississippi, please contact our Mississippi Program Coordinator.

Recent Mississippi & Arkansas Facebook Posts

This group was one of our many incredible groups! They hosted a crop drop AND finished in record time. They packed more than 300 bags of sweet potatoes in under 20 minutes. Thats enough food to help 300 families in need across our region. #endhunger #volunteersareawesome #bethechangeyouwanttosee #gleaning #cropdrop #sweetpotatoes #societyofstandrew
No matter how many millions of pounds we give away, none of it would matter if we didnt celebrate the thousands of people that help make it possible. Our dedicated volunteers give of their time, energy, and resources constantly. They say yes when presented with the opportunity to help a neighbor in need. #volunteer #volunteersareawesome #endhunger #makeadifference #bethedifference #societyofstandrew


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Great job.

Good job

Sometimes we get donations of food thats too ripe to go to a grocery store and it even requires some prep to keep it fresh. But we LOVE when people donate unused, good-to-eat food... These peaches were getting soft when we got them, so I cut the soft spots off and ended up with peach slices for 7 days. #reducewaste #zerowaste #endhunger #gleaning #peaches #societyofstandrew
Did you know food can be like people? It comes in all shapes and sizes but regardless of whats on the outside, what matters most is whats on the inside. And these sweet potatoes are very different on the outside but inside they are both diabetes-friendly, nutritious, and free!! Theyre also on their way to feed a friend in need. #endhunger #reducewaste #zerowaste #gleaning #societyofstandrew
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