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Share nourishing food with people in the greatest need by joining the 12 Baskets Monthly Giving Program

Join SoSA’s Monthly Giving Program today and make a difference in someone’s life every month. Your gift shares the gift of nourishing food with families in need again and again.

Use the buttons below to create a monthly gift and share blessings!

Giving Level Every Gift Makes a Big Impact
$35 / month Bucket of Blueberries Your monthly gift of $35 will:
♦ Save over 300 pounds of healthy food from being lost as waste.
♦ Help a soup kitchen feed 192 people each month.
$50 / month Buckets of Squash Your monthly gift of $50 will:
♦ Enable SoSA volunteers to glean 475 pounds of food, saving this good from going to waste.
♦ Put food on the table for 275 hungry men, women, and children.
$75 / month Buckets of Tomatoes Your monthly gift of $75 will:
♦ Share healthy food with 715 hungry neighbors monthly by supplying food to local hunger relief agencies at no charge.
$100 / month Box of TomatoesYour monthly gift of $100 will:
♦ Save 950 pounds of fruits and veggies from the landfill and share 3,800 healthy servings of fresh fruits and vegetables with hungry families each month.

If you would prefer to give by check —

Mail to: Society of St. Andrew 3383 Sweet Hollow Road, Big Island, VA 24526

You may change your monthly gift amount or end your 12 Baskets monthly giving at any time by calling Brenda at 434-299-5956 or by email.

Thank you so much for giving and helping so many people in need.
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