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Serving Others and Sharing Abundance

volunteers sort and bag potatoesThe Society of St. Andrew (SoSA) partners with congregations, faith groups, and churches from all backgrounds in a collaborative effort to end hunger.

You’re invited to be a part of the mission too!

Congregations and small groups serve through SoSA’s network by volunteering, raising funds, raising awareness, and bringing people together. SoSA publishes and distributes spiritual life resources for various seasons each year. These include Lent (Spring), Vacation Bible School (Summer), Hunger Action Month (Fall), and Advent (Winter).

These materials are made available at no cost to those who order printed copies or download electronic versions online.

Free Devotionals Fundraisers Projects

The primary goal is raising awareness of SoSA’s mission and purpose— preventing food waste and ending hunger. The intention is to raise awareness of a huge problem with a simple solution, hoping congregations and faith groups will want to join SoSA in active service to their neighbors and raise funds to cover the costs of rescuing and distributing fresh food.

In a given year, SoSA’s spiritual resources can be used in print by more than 75,000 individuals in more than 1,500+ locations across the United States, raising more than $50,000 to help feed hungry neighbors.

The effectiveness of SoSA’s network is due to the countless community champions and local leaders who know their local areas’ resources (and needs). They help ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and that the highest needs are met quickly.

There’s a place for you and your congregation in SoSA’s Gleaning Network.

Whether you’re seeking the resources below or something else, we encourage you to request a speaker for your next event! If available, a SoSA staffer can bring an engaging presentation, and an interactive quiz/exercise and help your congregation find where they fit in best in the mission to end hunger.

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Free Seasonal Devotionals

In fact, SoSA has a variety of programs to make it simple and fun for your congregation to participate, right where you are. Each image below provides a brief description of that SoSA program and if you click it, will take you to learn more, download resources, or take your next step.

Complete with a new theme, each year, these devotionals provide an inspiration and scripture for each day of Lent. This is all-in-one planning guide and curriculum has everything you need to plan a summer bible school program. Take action with your fellowship or congregation by using SoSA’s Prayer Calendar during the month of September. Along with a new theme each year, this devotional book contains daily readings and prayers for the Advent season.


SoSA wants to make it enjoyable to raise funds together, and to share good food with families who might otherwise go without. Each suggestion below provides a brief description of that SoSA fundraiser and will take you to learn more, download resources, and get started.

This exciting fundraiser allows you to turn the big game into a big deal for your group, each February. This fundraising program has everything you need to raise $1,000 in the mission to harvest and share healthy food. Plan a meal with your group. Invite them to learn about food insecurity— and then invite them to participate in the solution through SoSA.

Hands-On Projects

Over the past 40+ years of partnership with local congregations and faith-based organizations, it’s become clear that many people enjoy getting involved hands-on! Is your group interested and capable of serving as volunteers? Maybe gleaning a field or market? If so, sign up as a SoSA volunteer today. If you’re looking for a DIY project your congregation can do together indoors, check out some of the suggestions below.

Share Your Surplus- Prevent Food Waste and End Hunger
Make your next meal count by using it to illustrate how easily food waste occurs. Help your doctors learn to identify food insecurity and raise awareness of this often overlooked struggle. Partner with neighbors and fellow gardeners to put your “green thumbs” to work sharing good food.


If you’re interested in any of the programs above or in hosting a speaking event, we highly recommend submitting a request for a speaking event with a SoSA staffer! They can bring an engaging presentation, an interactive quiz/exercise, and help your congregation find where they fit in best in the mission to end hunger.

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