2022 Advent Devotional Booklet

(November 27 – December 24, 2022)

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Free 2022 Advent Devotionals from SoSA

As the Advent season quickly draws near, we look forward to a bright season and to things yet to come. The theme for SoSA’s annual Advent fundraiser is Prepare the Way of the Lord— and this seasonal devotional booklet from The Society of St. Andrew is available to you and your faith family at no cost.

As the Advent season arrives, we prepare to celebrate the birth of the Christ-child. Despite the ups and downs of the year, we acknowledge the greatest gift the world has received.

This year’s theme encourages you to look forward and prepare for the things promised, yet to come. This is a timely reminder to not let the struggles of the present prevent us from hoping in the promises of the future.

These free Advent resources are used as an annual fundraiser by hundreds of congregations of all denominations across the United States. These daily devotions – all new for 2022 – include the stories and experiences of people of faith, both pastors and laypersons, from all walks of life.

This Advent devotional program provides a powerful opportunity for your congregation to feed their spiritual hunger as well as to give in support of The Society of St. Andrew’s feeding ministries, reflecting Jesus’ own concern for the least, the last, and the lost.

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