Share Our Surplus

– turn a few summer plants into food for your community

Save Our Surplus LogoGrow and share food with your neighbors in need!

Share Our Surplus is a great way to encourage healthier eating in your community, address the issues of food waste and hunger, focus on the abundance of food available to us, and support the work of the Society of St. Andrew.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact the Society of St. Andrew and let us know you’re interested in leading the program in your neighborhood, community, or congregation. We can connect you with resources to make this program easy to manage.
  2. Present the program to your friends and neighbors (or congregation) and seek their support in helping share good food with your neighbors in the greatest need.
    – Anyone growing food likely has experienced a surplus of good food that goes uneaten (and potentially lost as waste)
    – Prevent waste, share good food with people struggling to get by, and grow food as you originally planned to…
  3. Invite other backyard gardeners in your community or congregation to share their surplus produce throughout the summer months and make a list of who plans to participate and what they intend to grow.
  4. Decide on a location in your community that is:
    • Easy to access
    • Open-air
    • Allows for people leave their surplus produce with minimal person-to-person interaction
    • It might be easiest to setup a table in/near your front yard.
  5. Decide on a day of the week that growers can drop off their surplus. (Many people prefer Saturday mornings.)
  6. Place jars or baskets on the table with the produce, for love offerings. (Make grocery sacks available in case there are those who need to take produce.)
  7. Invite neighbors, friends, and members of your congregation to take produce for their use. Encourage them to take only a quantity that they can reasonably consume within a few days. Ask those who take produce to leave a love offering in the jar or basket. The love offering should reflect either what they think represents a fair price for the produce they’ve taken or what they can afford to give.
  8. At morning’s end, have a designated person gather any remaining produce and take it directly to a designated recipient agency for their use in feeding the hungry. Make a list of what is taken, and in what quantities on the form provided. Last but not least, please send your lists to The Society of St. Andrew monthly, so we can help you measure the impact of your efforts! (If you want help locating an agency to receive donated produce, contact your local SoSA Regional Office.)
  9. Be sure to take selfies and pictures of the beautiful food you’ve grown and share it on social media to show people how they can use the abundance of food in their backyards to help out during this time. You’re invited to tag The Society of St. Andrew on Facebook too! Simply type @societyofstandrew in the text of your post. Your posts help raise awareness of the problems as well as solutions.
  10.  Collect any offerings and send the monies to the Society of St. Andrew for the total amount of the love offerings collected.

Any funds collected should be sent to:

Society of St. Andrew.
3383 Sweet Hollow Road
Big Island, VA 24526

Society of St. Andrew is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law. Do not send cash through the mail.

For more information or to speak with someone from the Society of St. Andrew, contact:

Chesley Vohden
Church Relations Director
Email: Chesley

Download Share Our Surplus Resources

Share Our Surplus - Bulletin and Skit PDF
Share Our Surplus - Cover Page PDF
Share Our Surplus - Info Page PDF
Share Our Surplus - Weekly Report, National PDF