Share Our Surplus

– turn your garden into homegrown food for your community.

Share Your Surplus- Prevent Food Waste and End HungerGrow and share food with your neighbors in need!

Do you find you grow more produce in your garden than you can eat? Is the fruit on your trees ripening and falling before you can even collect it all?

Give us a call! SoSA gathers surplus fruits and vegetables from home gardens and orchards too. This reduces food waste, helps growers keep a clean yard, and feeds hungry members of our community.

Suckers and Shoots make new plants- Share Your Surplus through SoSADo you ever feel like your tomato plants won’t quit making? Or the squash continues to produce, long after you’ve filled your freezer? Turn your surplus into a blessing for a family struggling to put food on the table for everyone in their house. And let SoSA help!

Use the button below to register your garden, fruit tree, or other surplus-producing opportunity and a SoSA staff person will follow up about collecting and sharing your good food when you find yourself with more than you can eat!

Register Your Garden

SoSA volunteers and gleaners can harvest excess fruits from your backyard and distribute the good food to local, nonprofit feeding agencies, turning your abundance into a treasured gift of food for your neighbors in need!

Don’t currently have a backyard garden, but would like to start a group project with your neighborhood, church, company, or school? See our tips below on starting a garden and sharing your surplus with SoSA.

Share Our Surplus is a great way to encourage healthier eating in your community, address the issues of food waste and hunger, focus on the abundance of food available to us, and support the work of the Society of St. Andrew.

Let SoSA volunteers glean your fruit trees and bushes.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Contact The program in your neighborhood, community, or congregation. We can connect you with resources to make this program easy to manage.
  2. Present the program to your friends, neighbors, or congregation and seek their support in helping share good food with your neighbors in the greatest need.
  3. Invite other backyard gardeners and growers in your community or congregation to share their surplus produce throughout the summer months.
  4. Decide on an easily accessible location in your community.
  5. Decide on a day of the week that growers can drop off their surplus.
  6. Place jars or baskets on the table with the produce, for love offerings. 
  7. Invite neighbors, friends, and members of your congregation to take produce for their use. Encourage them to take only a quantity that they can reasonably consume within a few days and ask those who take produce to leave a love offering in the jar or basket for The Society of St. Andrew. 
  8. At morning’s end, have a designated person gather any remaining produce and take it directly to a designated recipient agency for their use in feeding the hungry. Make a list of what is taken, and in what quantities on the form provided and send your lists to The Society of St. Andrew.

Any funds collected should be sent to:

Society of St. Andrew.
3383 Sweet Hollow Road
Big Island, VA 24526

The Society of St. Andrew is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Do not send cash through the mail.

Register Your Garden or Trees

Register Your Garden or Trees

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