Gleaning in Alabama


The Society of St. Andrew has delivered more than 16 million pounds of salvaged potatoes and other food to the needy in Alabama This has resulted in approximately 48 million servings of food going to Alabama’s hungry.Through the Alabama Gleaning Network, we coordinate volunteers in many areas of the state who actually enter fields after farmers have finished harvesting and simply pick up the tons of good produce left behind. Our volunteers represent groups from various church denominations, synagogues, youth groups, other civic organizations, individuals, and inner-city residents.

Each year, we coordinate hundreds of volunteers to glean nearly hundreds of thousands of pounds of a variety of produce in Alabama. Please join us in this exciting hands-on ministry.

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We thank Publix Super Markets Charities for their recent gift to help fund packaging and transportation of donated produce to food agencies that feed the hungry.

Alabama Gleaning

To volunteer in Alabama, call or write using the contact information in the right column of this page, or use our Volunteer Form.

Most gleaning events take place on weekends, where gleaners arrive in the fields around 8am, and are on their way home by noon. Society of St. Andrew makes all arrangements with farmers, produce containers, and food distribution. All the volunteer gleaners need to do is show up. Volunteer groups are encouraged to take food back to agencies or programs that they support in their local area.

People of all ages can glean. Gleaners should be able to bend over and should be able to bend and lift several pounds of produce.

It is important that the contact person be reachable by phone during daytime hours.

Most of our gleanings are in the morning and last three to four hours. Gleanings are scheduled on weekdays and on Saturdays.

If you have questions about when local crops are available, we would be happy to help.

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Corn as tall as an elephants eye and it  looks like it is climbin clear up to the sky! Oh what a beautiful morning.  

Lots of corn needs gleaning and that means we need lots of hands. Please join us for one of the many gleanings we have scheduled:  
Cullman- Tomorrow July 7th meet at 7:30am at North Alabama Horticulture Station in Cullman or meet at Asbury UMC at  6:30 to caravan to Cullman
Huntsville- We will be gleaning Mon, Tues, Wed, July 10,11 and 12th next week. Meet at the fields across from Lakeside UMC 3738 Meridian Street Huntsville at 7:30am or at Asbury in Madison at 7am. 
Contact Mary Lynn Botts,, 256-658-7555 if you need additonal info or have questions. Hope you can join us as we feed hungry folks with wonderfull sweet corn.

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Brandy Thomas just wanted to make sure you see this.

Hi North Alabama Agriplex supporters! If anyone wants to experience whats like to pick corn we have some opportunities this week to do just that! All the corn will be donated to feed hungry Alabamians!
Lots of hands needed to glean corn in Huntsville, Alabama. We will be picking corn this Tuesday, Wed and Thursday from 7:30, June 27,28,29th. You can meet us at Asbury UMC at 7:00am in Madison or email me for directions, Please join us if you can.

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Mary Lynn is one of the best missionary's in AL