National Office Staff
Name / Email Position Phone
D'Lynn Burgess Director of Corporate Relationships 800-333-4597
Stella Carson Administrative Support 800-333-4597
Mike Hickcox Communications Director 800-333-4597
Lynette Johnson Director of Church Relations 800-333-4597
Debbie Jones Production Manager 800-333-4597
Marian Kelly Director of the Potato & Produce Project 800-333-4597
Bill Leach Regional Director Mississippi 800-333-4597
Rachael Lee Director Harvest of Hope 800-333-4597
Barbara Lipford Development Team Assistant 800-333-4597
Wade Mays Development Associate 800-333-4597
Brenda Patterson Development Team Assistant 800-333-4597
Sarah Ramey Director of Virginia Gleaning 800-333-4597
Renee Scott Director of Accounting 800-333-4597
Jenny Trevey Public Relations Associate 800-333-4597
Mike Waldmann Executive Director 800-333-4597

Regional Office Staff
Office Name / Email Position Phone
Alabama Suzanne Wright Regional Director 205-245-3215
Alabama Jewell Scruggs Program Coordinator 205-245-3214
Florida & Georgia Barbara Sayles Regional Director 800-806-0756
Florida Jim Tinkey Program Coordinator 863-224-0403
Georgia Sandi Newman Program Coordinator 229-386-5800
Mississippi & Arkansas Bill Leach Regional Director 800-333-4597
Mississippi & Arkansas Andy Lemmon Program Coordinator 769-233-0887
North Carolina & South Carolina Michael Binger Regional Director 919-309-5402
North Carolina & South Carolina Meg Spears-Newsome Program Coordinator 919-309-5261
Tennessee Jeannie Hunter Regional Director 615-878-6134
Tennessee Kelsey King Program Coordinator 615-878-9233