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STAFF CALENDAR – How to add items:
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2. Click on “Add Event”
3. In “Short Description” add your name and purpose
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SoSA Staff – All Offices

Photo Name Position Location Started at SoSA
Kassie Berger Program Coordinator Florida October 2016
Michael Binger Regional Director North Carolina December 2014
D'Lynn Burgess Grants Director Big Island May 2007
Stella Carson Administrative Support Big Island August 2015
Betty Easter Director of Church Relations Big Island October 2016
Mike Hickcox Communication Director Big Island August 2010
Jeannie Hunter Regional Director Tennessee October 2015
Lynette Johnson Executive Director Big Island July 2010
Debbie Jones Production & Mail Coordinator Big Island September 1993
Marian Kelly Potato & Produce Project Director Big Island November 1983
Bill Leach Operations Manager Big Island November 2012
Rachael Lee Harvest of Hope Director Big Island May 2016
Andy Lemmon Program Coordinator Mississippi & Arkansas March 2016
Barbara Lipford Development Team Assistant Big Island October 2005
Wade Mays MRA & MFM Director Big Island May 2007
Kelsey Miller Program Coordinator Tennessee March 2016
Sandi Newman Program Coordinator Georgia May 2014
Brenda Patterson Development Team Assistant Big Island August 1993
Sarah Ramey Gleaning Network Director Big Island July 2008
Barbara Sayles Regional Director Florida & Georgia March 2006
Renee Scott Director of Accounting Big Island October 2010
Meg Spears-Newsome Program Coordinator North Carolina September 2014
Jenny Trevey Public Relations Associate Big Island January 2015
Suzane Wright Regional Director Alabama May 2016