Feds Feed Families 2022 - SoSA's Gleaning NetworkThe Feds Feed Families campaign is an exciting initiative where employees from all federal departments and agencies are encouraged to join the mission to end hunger through volunteering, donating, and leading.

Click here to read the most recent press release from the USDA.

Feds Feed Families and their materials are exclusively for Federal Employees. However, if you’re reading this and you aren’t a federal employee, you can still get involved with The Society of St. Andrew this summer— click here to choose your state and sign up for the mission.

PeachesNo matter the organization, summer is a great time of year, every year, to join the mission to end hunger with The Society of St. Andrew (SoSA).
It’s during summer that many farmers, across the country, begin harvesting and distributing their summer crops.

It’s also during this time when farmers assess whether they will have an abundance, or surplus, of crops. When they determine there’s more than they can use, harvest, or sell, they call SoSA. SoSA volunteers are passionately committed to ensuring food is rescued and shared when there are people in need, in the community.

If you’re a federal employee and want to participate in the “Feds Feed Families” campaign, now is the perfect time to sign up with the Society of St. Andrew!

Click here to find your state’s volunteer application. Our new platform is designed to make it easy for you to stay in touch and find a volunteer opportunity near you. In fact, seasonal gleaning opportunities are at their peak at the beginning of the summer and continue running at a high rate throughout summer, and into fall.

It’s easy to sign up as a volunteer:
1. Find and click your state name on the volunteer sign-up page.
2. Fill out the volunteer profile with your up-to-date contact information.
3. Put “Feds Feed Families” or “FFF” as your organization/name.

CFC LogoMany of the official ways to participate in the FFF program are also perfect ways for everyone to participate in SoSA’s Gleaning Network and the mission to end hunger:

  • Become a Champion for your department or agency to motivate your colleagues to participate.
  •  Donate online: Purchase food at an online grocer and have it delivered directly to a food bank or pantry. Or make a monetary donation to a hunger relief organization, like The Society of St. Andrew.
  •  Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): Donate money to a hunger relief organization through the regular CFC giving season from September 1st through January.
  •  Attend a virtual food drive event: Join your colleagues online to learn about food insecurity in your community and how to donate pounds to participating local organizations.
  •  Drop off donations at your local food bank or pantry: Simply give your local SoSA office a call and they’d be glad to connect you with organizations that will be distributing food.
  •  Plant-a-row: Plant an extra row of produce in your garden and give the extra harvest to local feeding programs.
  •  Gleaning: The FFF Hub provides information about the field— and warehouse— gleaning opportunities. Your local SoSA staff would also love to get you plugged in and involved this summer!

It was particularly exciting to hear the 2022 Feds Feed Families campaign is focusing on sharing hope by sharing fresh, healthy foods. That’s what SoSA is about, all year long!

CabbagesSoSA’s mission revolves around rescuing fruits and vegetables from farms that are good to eat but might otherwise go to waste. Once rescued, that food is shared with agencies and communities nearby who then share it with families in the greatest need, often that same day. After all, the sooner food is delivered to the families in need, the fresher it will be and the sooner they can eat…

So whether you’re a federal employee, know one, or are simply interested in volunteering this summer— SoSA is eager to partner in the mission to end hunger.

Click here to find your state name and sign up as a volunteer today.