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Humana volunteers in Louisiana

Recent estimates show that nearly 40 million Americans struggle with access to the proper quantity and quality of food to live a healthy lifestyle. And at that same time, 40% of all the food grown in the United States ends up lost as food waste for a variety of reasons.

Humana® and The Society of St. Andrew (SoSA) align in their priorities— Helping individuals, families, local communities, and the environment. Humana employees are encouraged to volunteer locally, investing their time and energy into building up their communities.

Humana encourages local volunteers

By volunteering with SoSA, Humana® employees can unite people to glean food, prevent food waste, and build communities. Every 1lb. of food rescued provides four servings of fresh food for a family who needs it most.

Join the mission. Give back. Volunteer. And build up the health of your community!

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The Seed Project

Donated seeds through SoSA feed families across the nation.

In addition to getting into farm fields and physically rescuing food, you and your coworkers can serve your neighbors in need through SoSA’s Seed Project. Whether a community garden or a container of tomatoes, your civic responsibility extends to ensure families in this country have enough food for everyone in their home.

Each year, SoSA donates various seeds to grow good food for needy families. Do you have a garden? A green thumb? Or just a desire to serve?

Partner with SoSA this year to get good food where it’s needed most— onto the tables of American families who might otherwise go without.

Learn more about the Seed Project.

Do Twice As Much

Humana volunteers in FloridaHumana® encourages its employees to volunteer, to serve the local community by providing volunteer service hours each year, and The Humana Foundation honors the efforts of those employees by providing $10 for every hour an employee volunteers, up to an annual cap. The employee can then donate those funds to the nonprofit of their choice.

After volunteering, you can donate those dollars to SoSA, providing 20 servings of fresh food for every $1 donated.

Learn more about this Double Donation opportunity.

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