Yam Jam 2023 (October 1st – November 5th)

SoSA’s Annual Sweet Potato Field Gleaning Series

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There are so many spots at each of SoSA’s 2023 Yam Jam Gleaning Events. The fields are huge and we need all volunteers to come! In fact, you should bring a friend! Use the button below to view the calendar of events and sign up today.

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SoSA volunteers at Yam JamYam Jam is The Society of St. Andrew’s annual sweet potato gleaning, spanning 6 weekends across September and October. Last year, more than 1,000 volunteers gleaned and then shared more than 300,000 pounds of sweet potatoes across Central North Carolina!

We glean and harvest sweet potatoes that would be left field without the help of generous volunteers like you!

Got questions?

Often, volunteers are eager to serve, but they have just one or two questions. Check out the Yam Jam FAQ page, using the button below. These are some of the most popular questions asked about SoSA volunteers and their answers.

FAQ List

Every sweet potato picked goes directly to local feeding agencies to be given away to neighbors who need it. If you are interested in helping us distribute sweet potatoes during Yam Jam, please indicate that on your registration. This year, we hope to glean more than ever to provide for our needy neighbors.

SoSA Yam Jam volunteer and familyWe will glean at First Fruits Farm on November 5! This is Jason and Tay Brown’s farm in Louisburg, where they grow sweet potatoes to donate to feeding agencies. Sign up on the volunteer calendar while there’s still room.

Once you register, watch for two emails: one with general information on Tuesday before your Saturday gleaning, and another on Friday before your gleaning with the exact field location.

Please note: we will not know the exact field locations until the week of each event!

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