Creating a Gleaning Program in Your Own State

If you live in a state where Society of St. Andrew currently has no gleaning coordinator, we still may be able to work together to begin gleaning where you live. We would be glad to answer your questions and provide materials that may help you work with us to feed the hungry in your area.

If you have questions, contact our national office at 800-333-4597, or email us.

You also can download some of our experience for your own use. Here are guides to help you get started:

Cover of the Gleaner's HandbookGleaning Guide
Download PDF

A 16-page manual on gleaning and setting up gleaning events, includes our liability and medical waiver form as an example.

Cover of the Gleaner's HandbookGleaner’s Handbook
Download PDF

A 12-page handbook designed to introduce people to gleaning. This also includes the liability and medial waiver form.