Partner Congregation Program

We invite every faith congregation to share our vision of a nation without hunger. All faith communities are invited to become our partner in bridging the hunger gap in America. Specifically, we ask every congregation to participate in our ministry:

PRAY for our ministry and for the hungry of America

GLEAN with us

CONTRIBUTE financially

Recognition of Partner Congregations
We gratefully acknowledges our partner churches by presenting certificates annually for each level of giving:

♦  Extra Mile Partner: For a contribution of $1,700 which represents two miles of pennies. The 170,000 pennies would be enough to feed 39 people their recommended fruits and vegetables for a year.

♦  Change the World Partner: For a contribution of $1,000 resulting in 42,000 servings of food that could feed 6 families of four for the entire year.

♦  One Mile Partner: For a contribution of $850, the amount represented by the number of pennies if laid side by side would stretch a mile. The 85,000 pennies could feed 19 people for a year.

♦  St. Andrew Partner: For a contribution of $500, which provides 21,000 servings of food that feeds the equivalent of 11 hungry people for the entire year.

Seasonal Resources
Each year, we offer special seasonal giving programs for Christian congregations. Our Lent and Advent programs engage participants in spiritual growth through daily devotions while encouraging them to support our ministry. Our Vacation Bible School mission project is a wonderful opportunity to teach children the importance of mission while they learn about hunger.