Ten Things You Can Do to Fight Hunger

Hunger is a complex tragedy that holds many Americans in bondage. Because of the scope of the problem, many people become overwhelmed and feel unable to make an impact. But each of us can make a difference. Here are some ways you can help:

1. Become more informed. Learn more about the more than 45 million Americans living with food insecurity. (They don’t always know where their next meal will come from.) This web site holds lots of information, and you can contact your local food pantry or feeding agency to learn more about hunger close to home.

2. Discuss the tragedy of hunger with your family and friends. Hunger exists in virtually every community across our country. More than 20% of America’s children live in poverty. Hunger is a way of life for them, but is often masked because their parents work hard; they just don’t make enough to make ends meet.

3. Work toward a more responsible lifestyle. Most of us can reduce our footprint on the environment by recycling, re-purposing, and using fewer resources. Every ton of food dumped into a landfill produces more greenhouse gasses than driving a car for a year.

4. Make a donation to support our work. Every dollar donated provides more than 38 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables to hungry Americans.

5. Volunteer. Join us as we glean a farmer’s field near you. It’s something fun that people of all ages can participate in. Contact agencies in your community that provide food for the hungry – no doubt they will value your help.

6. Become an Advocate. Speak on behalf of the hungry. They have little or no voice, but you can support public policies that help the hungry of our nation.

7. Raise the awareness of others. When you share what you know about hunger with others, you’ll learn you are not alone in your concerns. Many of your friends and neighbors are looking for ways to help. Invite someone from SoSA to speak to your group.

8. Form a local hunger action group. Work together with interested people from your congregation or community to organize on behalf of the hungry – sponsor food drives, host a speaker on hunger, support your local feeding agencies. Working together provides inspiration and support to tackle hunger head-on.

9. Pray. Reach into your heart and be thankful for the riches God has provided our country, and pray for those who do not always have access to this abundant food. Ask for guidance as you seek to be a part of the solution to our nation’s hunger.

10. Start now. There is no better time. Begin your fight against hunger today with even one of these suggestions.