Easter: God’s Abundance

By Michael Binger *

Easter is probably my favorite holiday. I don’t like chocolate (crazy, I know!) so the Bunny really doesn’t do anything for me. Waking up Easter morning and going to church and hearing again that old, old story always thaws my heart after a cold winter. I am touched again by God’s love and I am thankful. I am always thankful for my family and my friends and for their patience with me! Memories of Easters past remind me of all the people that I have loved in different times and places, and I am thankful.

This Easter, I am particularly thankful for all the new people I have met in my short time with the Society of St. Andrew. I appreciate the passion and professionalism with which the staff offers themselves in service to others. I am moved by the generosity of all those who donate some of their abundance so that others might have sustenance. I am awestruck of all the people of give of their time and talent to glean and gather food for others. I am grateful for the farmers who share of their livelihood and trust us to bring strangers to their home and go through their crops. Without any one of you, the Society of St. Andrew could not do what we do. WOW!

Easter reminds us that God provides for our scarcity from God’s abundance. In many ways, the Society of St. Andrew lives out this message of Easter every day. We provide from creation’s abundance to address the scarcity that God’s people deal with every day. Let us remember to be thankful for everyone who contributes to this mission. Let us also remember that there is still more distribution to do! I look forward to continuing that work with all of you.

* Michael Binger is SoSA’s Regional Director in the North Carolina office, serving North Carolina and South Carolina



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