Harvest of Hope Participant Waiver and Event Registration

All participants in Harvest of Hope events must have a waiver form filled out. A parent or guardian must fill out the form for participants under the age of 18.

This form must be completed after your group leader has registered your group. Then you will be able to select your group and event in the form drop-downs.

Liability Waiver

Safety is of paramount importance in this event. For the protection of all involved, this disclaimer is necessary. I do not hold the board, members, or employees of the Society of St. Andrew (SoSA), nor any volunteer, liable for any injury, bodily harm, accidents, or death of myself / my child during events sponsored by the Society of St. Andrew. Neither will I hold the person(s) who own and/or operate the farm(s) from which we glean, the agencies in which we volunteer, or the places where we stay, liable for any accident, injury, or death during the events.
I give my permission for the Society of St. Andrew to use any photo and video in which I appear that are taken at events for news stories and promotional materials, including newsletters, reports, websites, conference displays, and other appropriate publicity of the Society of St. Andrew.

Medical Permissions

In the event this participant suffers any illness or acident requiring emergency hospitalization, medication, or surgery while participating in this event, or on the recommendation of the doctor, after consultation with the adults in charge of this event, I hereby give my permission for any medical treatment which may be deemed necessary and reasonable under the circumstances, understanding that the coordinator or the responsible person will contact me at the earliest possible moment.
I fully understand and comprehend that reasonable care will be exercised by the adult staff to protect the safety of those involved.

Participants: After your group leader has registered your group, fill out this registration and waiver form. Parent or guardian must fill out the form for those under the age of 18.  At the bottom of the form, click on “Save New.”