My Delicious Mississippi Life

Book: My Delicious Mississippi LifeDeborah Hunter loves cooking, loves life, and loves people. She shares these passions, along with her recipes and personal stories, in her new book, “My Delicious Mississippi Life,” released in June. Hunter also loves feeding hungry people by volunteering with SoSA, and some of the profits of her book are designated to support the feeding ministries of the Society of St. Andrew.

SoSA is just one element in the whirlwind of life experiences Hunter has had in the last few years. In 2010, she moved into a new home in Terry, Mississippi and stood in her new, chef-quality kitchen, staring at a space that seemed wasted on a person who really didn’t cook much. But Hunter was inspired. She prayed, “Lord, please teach me how to cook.” Then she started cooking, baking, and even hosting dinner parties. She was transformed.

Her new-found passion led her to start a cooking show on the local cable TV channel. Then she was asked to co-host a cooking show on Mississippi Public Radio. A food program on radio might seem to be a mismatch, but it turned out to be a hit. “Deep South Dining” has become the second most-popular local program available on radio in her area.

Each Monday morning, Hunter brings food she has prepared for the day to the radio station. She and co-host Kevin Farrell talk about her recipe and share ideas with callers and guest chefs. The show might fous on pasta, or barbecue, or sweet treats, or food trucks – anything in the limitless world of food.

Listen to Mississippi Program Coordinator Andy Lemmon and Indiana Program Coordinator Ann Radtke with Deborah Hunter and her co-host, Kevin Farrell, on the MPB radio program, “Deep South Dining” on May 21, 2018.


Deborah Hunter’s 200-page book has been released, with 150 original recipes, positive life stories, and poetry. The book is an extension of her belief that food harbors no prejudice; that food enables equality; that food is a blessing for all.Hunter believes no one should live without love … or without food. She volunteers with Society of St. Andrew because she knows the gleaned food SoSA provides feeds hungry individuals and families without qualification. Hunter also says she appreciates the passion and enthusiasm of SoSA’s Mississippi Program Coordinator, Andy Lemmon. His care for people is one ingredient in Hunter’s evolving recipe for helping the less-fortunate, with the goal that no one should go hungry in America.

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