Souper Bowl of Caring

Get In the Game on February 4!

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What has a bigger impact than a trio of 300-pound linebackers bearing down on a quarterback? You! Your impact will change lives when you mobilize your congregation, civic, or school group to participate in the 2020 Souper Bowl of Caring.

Souper Bowl of Caring is youth across the nation working to fight hunger and poverty in their own communities around the time of the Superbowl football game.

With Souper Bowl of Caring, you send all the funds you raise directly to the hunger relief charity of your choice. Choose Society of St. Andrew in 2020!

Every dollar you raise for Society of St. Andrew will put 33 servings of healthy, nourishing food on the plates of children, women, and men at greatest risk for hunger in this country.

Here’s what to do:

1. Register your group on (They have some great planning and worship resources as well as promotional materials—all free!)

2. Select Society of St. Andrew as your charity. Plan your event for Superbowl Sunday or the week(s) leading up to the Superbowl.

3. On the day of the Superbowl, host your event. Raise money to feed hungry people.

4. Report the total raised to or 800-358-SOUP.

5. Report back to your congregation, civic group, or school. Let them know what their Souper Bowl of Caring donations will do through Society of St. Andrew.

6. Send a check for the amount you’ve raised to Society of St. Andrew: 3383 Sweet Hollow Road, Big Island, VA 24526. On the memo line, note “Souper Bowl of Caring.”

Which team will win the Superbowl in 2018? The team that’s feeding hungry people through the Souper Bowl of Caring—and all of the people who receive healthy food because YOU gave to Society of St. Andrew.

How did the Souper Bowl of Caring get started?

Brad SmithListen to this 1996 radio story with the creator, Rev. Brad Smith. (3 minutes)

How will you get in the game this year?

Souper Bowl Ladle and Football

    • Host a soup lunch or chili cook-off
    • Encourage a friendly competition among age groups
    • Pass the soup pot or helmet to collect donations
    • Make homemade soup with ingredients donated by young people
    • Ask local businesses to match your collection efforts
    • Sell sub sandwiches or other game-day foods
    • Pass a soup pot or helmet for each team playing in the Superbowl. Invite people to give to the team they’re rooting for
    • Hold a Superbowl watching party
    • Invite a Society of St. Andrew staffer to speak with your congregation, civic organization, or school (either in person or via Skype)
    • Ask people to dress in their favorite team colors and donate for their team