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Business-sized envelopes with your office's return address printed on them. This is a plain envelope, no window. Order in lots of 500.

Advent Booklet Cover
This is the current Annual Report. It includes information and numbers from the previous year. May be provided to donors. Not for mass distribution.

These cards are produced in the Big Island office. For a re-order, just indicate the number needed and verify below who the cards are for. For a new order, fill in details in the box above the submit button. You will be contacted for verification. Order in multiples of 50, maximum of 200.

This zip-tie cable for food bags is labeled "FOOD SHOULD BE COOKED BEFORE EATING" Order in multiples of 50. The maximum order is 500.

For use at Combined Federal Campaign events. This is basically our program brochure with our CFC number printed on the front. Order in multiples of 50.

For use at Combined Federal Campaign events ... an easy way to provide our name, number, and contact info. Order in multiples of 50.

Church Brochure Trifold
Brochure designed to used for church groups and tables at church assemblies. Order a maximum of 500 in multiples of 100.

For Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Churches. Details our feeding programs, church programs, and relationship with the Week of Compassion. Order a maximum of 500 in multiples of 100.

This 4" x 6" card may be distributed at meetings and is also a standard postcard. There is a space on the back for you to add your contact info on an Avery 5160/8160 label. Order a maximum of 500 in multiples of 100.

Solicits farmer participation. Can be passed out at meetings of farmers. This card is also formatted to send in the mail. Add a sticker with your own contact information. Order a maximum of 500 in multiples of 100.

Standard DVD. Provides information about food waste in America. Program runs 18-1/2 minutes. Maximum of 10.

Food waste and hunger are highlighted on the first 3 pages. Includes last year's basic SoSA stats. Environmental value and Harvest of Hope on the back. 8-1/2" x 11" when folded. Maximum of 100.

This brochure serves as an introduction to SoSA programs and has contact information for all regions. Good to hand out at meetings and conferences. Order a maximum of 500 in multiples of 100.

Promotes the three SoSA programs. Good for church or organization bulletin boards. 11" x 17". Maximum of 25.

General awareness poster with a focus specifically on gleaning. For church or organization use. 11" x 17". Maximum of 25.

Introductory brochure – details gleaning, study, worship, and lifestyle and nutrition with Harvest of Hope mission retreats. Basic info on SoSA. Order a maximum of 250 in multiples of 50.

Promotes the Harvest of Hope program. Good for church bulletin boards. 12" x 18". Maximum of 25.

This is a 3-1/2 minute introduction to SoSA. It includes descriptions and video of gleaning, crop drops, and Harvest of Hope. Maximum of 10.

For United Methodist Men – explains SoSA and solicits financial support for SoSA and includes a Challenge Disciple / Challenge Fellowship pledge form. Order maximum of 250 in multiples of 25.

Size: 3-3/4" x 6-3/4". Order any number up to 1,000.

Team Glean Brochure
Single sheet, tri-fold brochure. Order up to 500 in batches of 25.

Thank-you cards are 4-1/4" x 5-1/2". Each has your own office's return address and phone number on the back. Cards come with envelopes. Order a maximum of 500 in lots of 100.

Envelopes are 3-3/4" x 6-3/4". Order in units of 100 up to 1,000.


Staff – use this form to order materials from the Big Island office.

Most orders simply need your contact information at the top, then indicate the number of units needed for desired items

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If you want to add any comment or information, you can do that in the box just above the submit button.

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