Vote to End Hunger

By Lynette Johnson *

Vote to End HungerIt has been a very long, very contentious election season, and it’s not over yet. On November 8, people of good will throughout the United States will make critical leadership choices that will determine our country’s direction and values in the coming years.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Society of St. Andrew cannot lend its support to any one candidate over another. What we can do, though, is ask you to put your values front and center, and vote to end hunger.

There is no reason for anyone in this land of plenty to be hungry. It is time for all of us to raise our voices and cast our votes to say that hunger is unacceptable!

Please take a little time and visit the website, It is a project of the Alliance to End Hunger, a national coalition of hunger-fighting organizations, of which the Society of St. Andrew is a member.

Ask your local, regional, and statewide candidates for office what they will do to end hunger. What changes do they support that will improve the nutrition of your most vulnerable neighbors?

Vote to End Hunger asked both the major party presidential candidates what they will do to end hunger. You can read Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s positions here:

Raise your voice! Take a stand! Vote to end hunger on November 8.

* Lynette Johnson has been with SoSA since 2010 and has served as SoSA’s Director of Church Relations since 2013. She will become the executive director in January, 2017.


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