Fami1y (United Methodist Men)

A joint project of The General Commission on United Methodist Men; The National Association of Conference Presidents, United Methodist Men; and the Society of St. Andrew.

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Fast A Meal In 1 Year

Why Fami1y? Every time your family sits down to share a meal together, there are other families in our country who are unable to do so. In fact, 12.6 million American households do not always have access to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members. It doesn’t have to be that way. After all, we live in a land where God has provided so abundantly that the amount of food we waste in the U.S. each year could feed every hungry American. The only reason there are hungry people in the U.S. is because we permit it.

Fami1y is a way for to help eradicate hunger in America. It is a way to become part of the growing anti-hunger movement in the U.S.

Fami1y is simple. Just pick one meal during the year that your family will forego. During that meal time, be intentional in your prayers for America’s hungry and for those who minister to them. Then calculate how much the meal your family skipped would have cost. Send that amount to the National Hunger Relief Advocate Office in care of the General Commission on United Methodist Men who will use it to support the hunger relief ministries of the Society of St. Andrew.

Fami1y Instructions

  1. PRAY. Pray throughout the year for the eradication of hunger in your community, across the nation, and globally. Also pray for organizations and ministries that serve the hungry.
  2. DECIDE. Have a conversation with your family about which meal you will fast together. Perhaps you will choose to fast during lunch on National Hunger Awareness Day, the first Tuesday of June. Maybe your family will decide to fast a dinner during Lent. Or possibly you will choose to fast a breakfast during the weekend before Thanksgiving. Whichever day and meal you decide, mark it on your calendar and be faithful in fasting the meal on the day you choose.
  3. CALCULATE. After your family fasts, tally up what it would have cost everyone to have eaten the missed meal.
  4. GIVE. Make your check payable to GCUMM and send your check in that amount to the National Hunger Relief Advocate Office at, 1000 17th Ave South, Nashville, TN 37212. Write Fami1y in the memo section of the check. Your donation will be used to feed the nation’s hungry through the hunger relief ministries of the Society of St. Andrew along with assisting in the continued efforts of the Hunger Relief Advocates in education and hands on hunger ministries. For additional information visit the WEBSITE for the National Association of Conference Presidents of United Methodist Men.