Meals for Millions – Group Commitments

Your United Methodist Men group can make a commitment today to help end hunger. To support the HRA Initiative, your group needs to do these three things:

♦  PRAY for the Society of St. Andrew and for the HRA Initiative.
♦  GLEAN with your HRA or with the Society of St. Andrew. If you don’t have gleaning in your area, contact the Society of St. Andrew and we will provide you with the material you need to get started. To find out more about gleaning, visit this page at the Society of St. Andrew’s web site.
♦ DONATE at least $200 to Meals for Millions each year. You can achieve this level of giving by having four people in your group become Challenge Disciples. Or you may elect to raise funds for this ministry.

Group Support (below) can be done at three different levels:

♦  Your groups is an HRA Sponsor Fellowship when it commits to $500 or more this year for Meals for Millions.
♦  Your group becomes a Challenge Fellowship when it commits to support this year between $200 and $500 for Meals for Millions.
♦  Your group can still be an HRA Initiative Supporter with amounts under $200. Please indicate your level of support below.

Meals for Millions Pledge Form

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