Meals for Millions – Individual Commitments

You can make a personal commitment today to help end hunger!

To support the HRA Initiative, please commit to doing these three things:

♦  PRAY for the Society of St. Andrew and for the HRA Initiative.
♦  GLEAN with your HRA or with the Society of St. Andrew. If you don’t have gleaning in your area, contact the Society of St. Andrew and we will provide you with the material you need to get started.
♦  DONATE by becoming a Challenge Disciple or an HRA Sponsor. The way this program works is simple. Twice a year, in the spring and fall, you will receive a “call” letter from the Society of St. Andrew. You then respond with either a $25.00 or $50.00 donation to the Society of St. Andrew for each call letter, depending on the level you choose.

A Challenge Disciple is a United Methodist Man or other individual who commits to feeding the poor through a financial contribution of $25 twice each year to Meals for Millions in response to a call letter.

An HRA Sponsor is similar to a Challenge Disciple but donates $50 or more twice each year. They are recognized by a special certificate. Through this annual contribution, a HRA Sponsor provides enough fresh produce to feed a family of four for a whole year.

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