The Past 3 Months From a Staff Perspective …

By Barbara Sayles *

Things have been intense. Emotional, powerful, impactful, unforgettable … virtually everything has been beyond what we’re used to experiencing.

cars lined up to receive a box of food in Orlando, FloridaThese past 3 months have consistently been filled with visions of cars lined up for hours for food. Every event we contribute to, we see lines of cars waiting for hours for a bag of food. We see policemen who were ...

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No Substitute for Food

By Jean Blish Siers *

Because I love to cook and bake, living the last several weeks under stay-at-home orders hasn’t been as bad as it could have been. It’s given me the opportunity to work my way through some of the cookbooks I buy and never have the time to explore. Plus, I feel like I’m a pretty creative cook in the best of times. While baking typically demands at least a modicum of “following the rules,” often cooking (the ...

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Still Gleaning: The Food is Needed Even More

Dear friends,
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